A quick synopsis

Aliquot Diagnostics sources, distributes and supports technologically advanced, rapid diagnostic kits for a variety of industries and sectors.

Currently, we are focussing on the food and feed testing industries that have keen interest in maintaining quality supplier, manufacturing, packaging and distribution systems. But, we're in the process of expanding our product mix to include other areas of the rapid detection spectrum.

All of our suppliers are manufacturing their product to local, and in most instances, global requirements.

A brief history

Although Aliquot, as a corporation, was founded in 2012, the founders come from an industry of laboratory analysis, immunodiagnostic kit development, quality assurance and scientific marketing that dates back to the late eighties.

Our team-members' experience in auditing and marketing assures that products are both of sound quality, and offer the most current, effective technology in rapid diagnostics.

About our partners

Please click on the links to read more about our suppliers:

Bio-Check - Gluten and other allergens, Meat Speciation
Tecna S.r.l. - Drugs, hormones and mycotoxins
ZEULAB S.L. - Allergens, Shellfish and waterborne toxins, Pathogens, Veterinary Residues and Dairy Speciation